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Alguronik 800

Alguronik 800

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– NEW –

Instant Filler Bio Active


The natural solution and a unique formula that is revolutionizing cosmetics!

Combats effectively facial wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, flaccidity strong> facial and dark circles. A scientific study shows that its effects are visible, real and long-lasting from the seventh day (-32% wrinkles, +63% hydration, +28% elasticity).

A few drops of Alguronik 800 hydrate, fill and provide volume and firmness > to the wrinkles on your face almost immediately.

  • Highly concentrated whey
  • Long lasting dermohydration
  • Only a few drops are needed
  • You'll love it!

We call it Alguronik 800 because its formula has 800 parts of Alguronik Complex in every 1000.

  • What is the Alguronik Complex?

Alguronik Complex is a mixture of different algae extracts from the Great Southern Oceans of New Zealand. Seaweeds are rich sources of polyphenols and sulfated polysaccharides.

When used in cosmetics, they quickly fill in fine lines and wrinkles, as they have antioxidant properties and retain a lot of moisture.

You'll love it! Apply a few drops to the desired area and enjoy its immediate effects after application.

Ingredients >

Aqua, Algae extract (New Zealand Red Seaweed), Pentylene glycol, Undaria pinnatifida extract (New Zealand Wakame Seaweed), Cyathea medullaris leaf extract (New Zealand Mamaku Black Tree Fern), Lysolecithin, Sclerotium gum, Xanthan gum, Pullulan, Parfum, Silica, d-Limonene, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol.

How to use >

Apply Alguronik 800 2 times a day for a week, as a shock treatment. And then only at night before the Night Serum to keep the skin wrinkle-free. Feel a smooth effect, shine, remarkable and lasting firmness on the face. Apply a few drops of Alguronik 800 on the face, clean and dry, on wrinkles or expression lines and dab to penetrate the area to be treated. You will notice its lifting effect instantly. Next, apply Day Cream or Night Serum as appropriate.

Suitable for all skin types

Dermatologically tested | Suitable for all skin types | Suitable for pregnant women Friendly ingredients, friendly packaging.


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