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Facial Routine

Do you know the best way to take care of your skin?
How to apply the products? What order follow?

We explain step by step how to do it to maximize the results.

KLAU Weekly Routine



1. Exfoliate your skin with SCRUB

Apply a small amount and massage your face with circular movements for 1 minute. You will eliminate dead skin and remineralize your skin.

2. Revitalize your skin with BEAUTY BOMB

Apply the mask in face and neck and let it act for 20 min - 1 hour. The longer, the more benefits you will get. Remove it with plenty of water.

It will leave your skin juicy, full of vitality and nourished.

3. Fill wrinkles with ALGURONIK 800

Made with seaweed and black fern, it fills wrinkles and firms the skin. Apply it on your expression lines by tapping.

The lifting and glow effect is immediate. And its filler action can be seen from the 3rd application.

And now that you have your weekly routine ready, apply:

   ☀️ Day Cream with SPF30, in the morning

Apply a small amount (the size of a chickpea) and cover your face, neck and neckline. Moisturize and protect your skin.

   🌙 Night Serum, at night

Apply Nigh Serum to the face, neck and neckline. Regenerate and activate the production of collagen and elastin while you sleep.

Daily Routine KLAU



  1. Cleanse your face with CLEANSER & TONIC
  2. Moisturize and protect your skin with DAY CREAM, SPF30

Cleanse your face and dry it, apply Day Cream and then, if you want, makeup.


  1. Cleanse your face and remove makeup with CLEANSER & TONIC
  2. Fill in wrinkles with ALGURONIK 800
  3. Regenerate and nourish with NIGHT SERUM

Remove makeup and clean your face. Apply a few drops of Alguronik 800 to the wrinkles and pat the area to fill in wrinkles and expression lines. Finally, apply Night Serum to the face, neck and neckline.

*You can replace KLAU products with others you have at home if they have the same function.

And remember, with KLAU products you will have:
Visible results in 3 days!
Forget about wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes, redness and irritations.

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✔️ If you don't see results in 3 days, we will refund your money

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