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Pack Day Cream + Night Serum + Beauty Bomb

Pack Day Cream + Night Serum + Beauty Bomb

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New Packaging and Improved Formula!
Natural, intelligent and renewed cosmetics.

A more sustainable production, efficient and economical. We manufacture using cold processes and reducing our carbon footprint. We maintain our essence, creating quality products that adapt to the needs of all types of people and skin types.
Packaging with recycled plastic from the seabed and 100% recyclable, to generate the minimum amount of waste possible and be more sustainable. In addition, we eliminate cardboard.

And to celebrate these novelties we bring you a unique offer!

20% OFF. in the Day Cream + Night Serum + Beauty Bomb pack

3 x 50ml

DAY CREAM - SPF 30 / Bio Active / Hydration

The protective shield for your skin throughout the day that provides the extra protection recommended by dermatologists. Soft cream, easy to apply and with great protective capacity. Helps reduce the effects of hormonal changes (spots, dehydration, wrinkles and fine lines) and rejuvenates the skin.

NIGHT SERUM - Bio Active / Regeneration

With a liquid and silky texture that stimulates the skin's regeneration process while we sleep with powerful antioxidants, and active ingredients >nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. It will help you wake up with nourished skin, with fewer signs of aging and without fatigue.

BEAUTY BOMB MASK - Bio Active / Antioxidant

Antioxidant mask, a weekly ritual that guarantees a rich supply of vitamins that your skin needs to instantly look more hydrated, radiant, soft and full of vitality .

How to use >
DAY CREAM: Apply every morning after your normal cleansing routine, on the face, neck and around the skin. eyes, gently apply and massage into those areas until completely absorbed. NIGHT SERUM: Apply every night after washing or cleaning, all you need are a few drops to spread the serum on the face, neck and eye area. BEAUTY BOMB MASK: Every week take a few minutes to apply Beauty Bomb to your face, neck and décolleté and relax for 20-60 minutes. You will enjoy a lifting effect as the outer layer dries and the inner layer remains wet and the active ingredients penetrate your skin, the results you will see instantly: juicier, brighter and firmer skin.

Suitable for all skin types

Dermatologically tested | Suitable for all skin types | Suitable for pregnant women Friendly ingredients, friendly packaging.


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